3. Ombre Feather Theory
Eyelash Extensions “FEATHER” technique Expert level video lessons

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Roberta Aršulienė

Roberta Aršulienė - technologist and innovator, creator and author of patented eyelash extensions technique Feather.
Expert in eyelash extensions and brows.
She started her career in London 14 years ago and still working with her clients.
Helping manufactures to create and to test new products for the lash industry. That's why she is the first to know, what we will have in a market in 2 years time.
BL lashes ambassador since 2008 till now and BL lashes educator.
Lashes and brows journalist, writing lash articles to beauty magazines (her works on the covers of international magazines). Preparing training programs which are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.
She is perfectionist – always strives for the best-perfect results.